Our Popcorn
What Makes 479° Different?

479° gourmet popcorn is a low calorie, gluten free snack made with organic, non-GMO heirloom kernels. We make our popcorn the artisan way - by hand in small batches. It takes longer, but we think you can taste the difference.
  • We air-pop our organic, heirloom kernels and while they are still warm, toss with buttery caramel or one of our savory spice blends.
  • We are ruthless about batches that don't meet our standards - "dud" batches never end up in the hands or mouths of our customers.

We value small farmers, artisan craftsmanship, fair trade practices, sustainable agriculture and organic farming.
  • We work with farms and buyers who support sustainable organic farming and fair trade practices.
  • Most of our ingredients come from family farms, and we source locally and organic whenever possible.

Each of our purveyors must meet our exacting standards.
  • We use only the highest quality ingredients from local farmers and around the world.
  • Our spice growers follow our buyers' exacting methods of cultivation and production, from seeding to harvest to stringent storage requirements.

479° produces gourmet popcorn using premium, all-natural ingredients. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and follow artisan method of making popcorn from scratch in small batches. Based in San Francisco, California, 479° offers a variety of uniquely delicious popcorn flavors. All of our gourmet popcorn are made with heirloom organic popcorn that has not been genetically modified.

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